Hygienic - Environment

Environmental Issues

The Management of Hygienic have strong emotions concerning the protection of our environment. As a small company we have the benefit of ensuring our staff are fully aware of the procedures we adopt to aid in the protection of the environment. The majority of the protection comes from our purchasing department. All our staff receive written and verbal instructions on environmental issues. We are always looking for ways to assist in the protection of our planet no matter how small they may seem every little bit can help.

Hygienic aims to provide a comprehensive high quality, cost effective, customer orientated building maintenance service to all our clients and is committed to delivery through works where Quality, Service and Performance are paramount, whilst minimizing its effect on the environment.

In its activities Hygienic is committed to:-

  • Continuous improvement of its environmental performance and prevention of pollution;
  • Compliance with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • Using energy efficiently and implementing energy saving measures;
  • Ensuring all its activities are conducted in such a way to cause minimum negative impact on the environment;
  • Minimizing waste product, disposing of waste in a proper manner using registered carriers and recycling suitable materials wherever practicable;
  • Promoting the use of products that are friendly to the environment and achieving reductions in the use of environmentally unsuitable products;
  • Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Raising the awareness of environmental issues within Hygienic employees and working in partnership with clients and suppliers to promote environmental issues.

In order to achieve this Hygienic will:

  • Operate an integrated environmental management system and adopt working practices that minimize the negative effects and/or enhance the positive effects the department has on the environment;
  • Where appropriate set objectives and targets to promote continuous improvement of its environmental performance;
  • Audit and review environmental performance and the effectiveness of the environmental system;
  • Train and educate all employees in respect of its environmental policies, objectives and responsibilities and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance.

Reclaimed Materials:

  • Recycled paper is used where possible
  • Plastic containers are reused
  • Office consumables i.e. cartridges, drums etc are returned to supplier for recycling
  • Oil removed from generators during a cleaning process is taken to our local plant and recycled
  • Chemicals used are environmentally friendly / bio degradable where possible
  • Aerosol products used are CFC free
  • Vehicles use unleaded petrol

Waste Disposal

Hygienic are registered waste carriers . All waste is disposed of either by;

  • Land fill sites
  • Incineration (clinical / harmful waste)

Energy Conservation:

Electrical equipment is turned off at the mains and not left on standby for energy efficiency and as a fire precaution to include; Computers, Lights, Doors are kept closed in the winter to avoid loss of heat and thus use more fuel & All portable equipment is turned off and un-plugged when not in use.


  • Accreditation Certificate
  • Rospa
  • FSB
  • HVCA
  • HAS
  • Constructionline