Hygienic - Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Hygienic has a low accident statistic record. All our sub-contractors must comply with our own
Health & Safety requirements, details can be provided upon request.

Health and Safety Awareness

All personnel engaged by the Company are regularly involved in Health & Safety issues. It is the foreman’s responsibility to inform his Supervisor and the Management of any non conformances on each job. Health & Safety meetings are held to discuss every aspect of the previous week’s work to ensure that the foremen are satisfied. We believe it is vital for employees input into Health & Safety.

The following are carried out and reports submitted to the foreman prior to work commencing:-

  • Risk Assessments- each job is risk assessed, listing any hazards which may apply on site.
  • Method of Work Statement is compiled detailing the safe correct manor the work is to be carried out following risks identified from Risk Assessment.
  • The team foreman is responsible for his team and has a Supervisor who can be contacted throughout the working activity to discuss any queries or additional requirements they may request. All Health & Safety instructions are provided verbally and a hard copy is attached to their site records and available at all times.
  • The Supervisor regularly attends site to inspect all Health & Safety Procedures are being implemented.


Where possible Hygienic try to use biodegradable products and also try to use chemicals which are not applicable to COSHH, however sometimes a stronger chemical must be used and then the following procedures are employed;

  • Only operatives who have received training are to handle hazardous chemicals.
  • COSHH data sheets are up to date and details are submitted to staff and held on file - details recorded should include chemical composition, risk assessed, U.N number, PPE recommended, colour, risks involved i.e. corrosive / flammable/ explosive etc.
  • All PPE necessary for the safe use of these chemicals is to be provided i.e. Masks, goggles, overalls, gloves, boots, hard/ bump hats etc.


All staff and sub-contractors engaged by Hygienic are fully aware of the procedures to be adopted concerning the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences.


  • Accreditation Certificate
  • Rospa
  • FSB
  • HVCA
  • HAS
  • Constructionline